Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photography - noun. fuh-tog-ruh-fee, The process or art of producing images of objects on sensitized surfaces by the chemical action of light.

A while back we gave Xander our old digital camera with a broken screen. He kept taking our new one and snapping pictures so we thought it would be best if we put him in charge of his own, as to not break another...Anyway, over time we've gotten some great pictures out of the thousands he's taken. Today he pulled his camera out again for an impromptu rainy day photo shoot with Mama and her boys. It's obviously not the best camera and on the black and white setting the flash pretty much washes everything out, especially if you're close to the camera, and when X is shooting he always is...
Brother kisses.
Today I was the human jungle gym.
I am in love with these guys.
Look at those cheeks! AND EYES!
Sometimes in order to actually get in the picture that X is taking you have to move quick...he just presses the shutter button over and over moving the camera the entire time. He's so cute.
Those famous Clark eyes will get you every time...I don't think Jonah is enjoying this picture as much as the rest.
The last one that Xander shot, you can tell he was moving the camera from the smear of the kitchen.

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