Friday, July 16, 2010

Top - noun. The highest or loftiest point or part of anything; apex; summit.

We would like to introduce the newest product from enemy2fashion, the Cut Above Cap… this hat is the first piece of the “Keen As Mustard” collection which will continue to drop over the summer.

These heavy duty cotton denim caps have been adorned with hand cut patches made from genuine military issued pup tents. Each hat come with the bill uncut but we suggest chomping it off and making it your own.
%100 cotton front
%100 Nylon mesh back
One Size Fits All

First 50 orders will receive a one of a kind secret hat at no additional charge.

Order HERE!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Freedom - noun. free-dom, the absence of ceremony or reserve. A liberty taken.

I know, I'm behind in my blogging, I've got a lot to catch up. We'll start with the 4th of July. Lot's of food, I think I ate ALL day, friends and family. I tried my best to dress the boys in the colors, Xander's shirt is my favorite. We also spent about $150 on Target fireworks (the kind that don't fly, we'd definitely hurt ourselves). The pictures do the best explaining...
Little Xander riding his big boy car over to Misha's in his new fly boots, a little big for him still but way too cute for his own good.
Papa, showing little nugget how it's done.
You can't stop this kid from eating fruit, especially any kind of mellon, he's like his Papa when it comes to fruit, they can't get enough.
Corn off the cob, I'm not sure if he's ever seen it this way. I said, 'Want some corn?' and he replied, 'That's not corn!' One taste is all it took, he was sold.
Anna, showing us real badmiNton (we made sure to pronounce the 'n' all day) form.
Censored for those involved.
Bubbles AND suckers?!? This has to be his new favorite holiday...not to mention...
FIREWORKS! We set off a couple for Xander and Keaton who were going to bed early...still pretty cool. Xander doesn't like loud things but sure wanted more when it was over.
Sparkle dance.
We were so amazed at the fireworks!
Jonah and Anna were equally unimpressed.
The fire-starter, my booski.
Anna put on a GREAT half-time fireworks show.

Simply put a great holiday...although next year I'm determined to find a parade, do they not do 4th of July parades in the South?