Monday, May 24, 2010

Sale - idiom, For sale, offered to be sold; made available to purchasers.

I've been working like a mad woman painting my windows and getting ready for all the art shows/craft bazaars hosted here in NoDa. We just finished the FemmeFest, an annual celebration of woman artists, which was a lot of fun and I ended up selling some of my favorite windows so far. We have another event coming up the first week in June, another NoDa All Arts Market. But I thought it only fair to offer windows up to those of you that aren't able to make it to the art shows. We can arrange shipping for those that aren't close. I love my windows and love even more to see them go to good homes. If you're looking something for a little more custom, like colors or something specific on your window, just let me know, I love to change it up (ie. If you're interested in one just email me; and we'll work something out!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Annual - adj. an-nu-al, Occurring or returning once a year: an annual celebration.

Happy 30th birthday to my wonderful and perfect husband! Yesterday we surprised him with a super-secret happy hour birthday party and he didn't see it coming. I was pretty proud of myself for not giving away the secret because there were a couple of times when I really wanted to. Caleb got home and I could sense he was a little disappointed that we didn't have anything planned for his birthday. I felt so bad that I couldn't say anything, but I held my tongue and brushed it off. We decided to go for a walk and after a lot of effort I kept Caleb away from the NoDa strip (so he wouldn't see anyone going into Dolce Vita), Caleb was getting irritated at me because I was being 'weird', ha, well, it was worth it...We surprised Caleb and I think he had a great time with friends and family, after which we went to Loco Lime for some taco action.
My handsome boy on our can see tiny Jonah behind X's head in our double tandem stroller.
I love this picture because you can actually see how X is strung out on sugar filled icing and poor Uncle Adam is trying to get a hold of him.
Another strung out baby with blue frosting up his nose, haha, his eyes might pop out of his head.
K2Forma enjoying her taste of the birthday cake with Amanda doing the same in the background.
A classic picture of mom drinking her wine and chatting it up while the tiny baby has spit up coming out of his mouth, haha, nice one.
Sitting at Loco Lime, drinking margaritas and waiting patiently for our tacos, I believe we ALL ate too much.
Nod was bummed because there was someone who gave him a run for his money in the 'who can eat more tacos than Nod' competition. Congrats to James for knocking Nod off his podium!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hunt - verb, to search for; seek; endeavor to obtain or find (often fol. by up or out): to hunt up the most promising candidate.

A long post with a ton of pictures because we had an incredibly busy weekend, and now that it's Sunday night I need another weekend to recover. It was a rough Saturday morning just waking because of our long night Friday, Xander's been sick and he was overtired and couldn't sleep for long stretches. Anyway, we woke up early and headed to Cline's Antique's, which cannot be described in words and pictures don't even do it justice...please come to North Carolina and visit us and we'll take you there, it's something that you need to experience. After we got home we had enough time for a nap and a shower and met with friends for dinner at Cabo, of course. Sunday we went to a local fashion show put on by our friend Elizabeth. It was a very hot day but we all made the best of it. Enjoy the show.
At Cline's what doesn't fit in the multiple buildings is put into multiple truck trailers with stairs, and sometimes ladders, leading up. It was hot and there is so much of everything it can be overwhelming. Carrying Jonah around didn't help with the heat!
Caleb and Xander escape the heat in the shade of a building so full it was spilling out.
What doesn't fit into the buildings or the truck trailers is simply just stacked into piles outside, it's truly an adventure.
My goal for the day was to find chairs for my back patio area, and I found so many I'm going to have to choose between them all, next time we definitely bring a truck.
More chairs at the end of a long and tall trail of desks.
This has to be one of my favorite pictures, too cute, both of them.
After giving Jonah to Caleb it was amazing how light and cool I felt, that little Chunk can pull down on your shoulders and he's a little heater too, so I did a dance in honor of feeling so free.
Yay Cline's!
Carter and X in the sun.
Even Xander had fun treasure hunting and found this bouncy zebra. I was tempted to get it for him but Caleb said he'd probably hurt himself, he's probably right.
Another item I'll be coming back for when we get the truck. These metal pine trees where really reasonably priced and will look so incredible in my back yard!
Jonah is one happy boy.
My handsome first born.
A group of friends grabs dinner at Cabo...(on Drive-ins, Diners and Dives, Monday night at 10 pm E).
Nod driving to the fashion show. The reason I posted this picture is because I thought that Nod and I could be brother/sister...don't we have similar profiles?
If there is something on the menu with beets in it then I'll buy it...LOVE BEETS!
The Red Carpet!
And my boys just hanging out...I'm one lucky lady!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wave - noun. a swell, surge, or rush, as of feeling or of a certain condition: a wave of joy sweeping over a person

On Wednesday night we had a large group of friends get together for the Angels and Airwaves concert, I think there were 12 of us total, so we could guarantee a good time. Caleb was ready with the camera and we got a lot of good shots. We got our tickets and (VIP!) passes and went to grab a bite to eat at the restaurant connected to the Fillmore here in Charlotte, I think it's called Black Bear or something, anyway don't hang out there, unless you're looking to marry someone who wears khakis...and who wants that? Ha.
This picture is pretty incredible. I'm very interested in what's being said, Adam is mad at the camera and Misha is very serious.
The other end of the table.
This is the face you get from me when you go to a concert, with people you don't know, and you're not in shape (not, not, not!) and you walk around in jean shorts without a shirt. Who are your friends and why don't they care? Because I care.
And it begins.
Elizabeth and Misha.
Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.
From backstage.
These people shouldn't be allowed to hang out.
Is that me in the green room?