Monday, August 10, 2009

Propaganda - noun. prop-a-gan-da, The particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

Misha and I took a walk around the neighborhood this very hot morning and started to see random 'art' posted around. Some nailed others drilled into light poles. We went on a scavenger hunts of sorts and took pictures of those we found. This is why I love Charlotte and especially NoDa.
Shepard Fairey knock-off.
Whoever did this art is probably really sexy and has a gorgeous wife.
More Shepard stuff.
This is one of my favorite pieces in NoDa. It's on my favorite brick wall that's been painted and re-painted. I hope no one ever covers it up.
I don't know what this means.
I like this one, probably my favorite...unless they're making fun of NoDa, if that's the case I hate them.
I like this too.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Absence - noun. ab-sence, period of being away: failure to attend or appear when expected.

I still love you. I'm sorry I've ignored you. I believe I'm back. I'll catch you up on my two months of me being AWOL:

-I'm married
-I'm pregnant
-I haven't been alone in my house with my husband since either of those two things happened.

That's about it.

Let's all forget about me ignoring you and never speak of it again.

My garden is being fruitful, no pun intended, it's more like veggieful, since I've got banana peppers coming out of my rear. I took it upon myself to pickle my banana peppers since I've never done it and I'm not going to eat them raw. Caleb did a great job of documenting my progress, and this is how it went.
Choppy chop.
Vinegar and water and salt.
Boil the cans for a while, set them on the cupboard and 'pop' the little lids just seal themselves. I felt a weird sense of accomplishment, in a housewife kind of way. Look how frugal and womanly I am, I canned something. I am planning on pickling a friend's jalapeno's sometime this week.