Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friend - noun. A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

I am WAY behind on July updates, it's becoming somewhat of a habit. I'm in the process of moving some pictures to my laptop so hopefully I'll be able to get a bunch of posts done soon. We had a nice weekend and a nice night out with good friends last night. Here are just a couple of the shots. If you want to be cool, party in NoDa.
Caleb and pretty Elizabeth.
Uncle Spiderman telling some great story. I can tell it's great because his hand says so much.
This is a very nice picture of Auntie Anna to make up for all the awful pictures that Caleb posts of her. We stopped to see her at work before joining everyone else at Solstice.
An old forestry service hat that Caleb found on one of his 'treasure hunts'. It's a very small hat and so far I'm the only one it happens to fit.
Hanging at the bar at Solstice.
We honestly could NOT handle the music that was playing at the bar, so Misha and Nod sunk a good $20 to play the right music. I think their list finally started right before Caleb and I had to leave to get the kids.
Xander is already getting to be a great driver. He knows all the correct directions to get home from Mimi's house, (it's a block, but still...).