Monday, October 25, 2010

Catch-Up - n. (kach-uhp), An effort to reach or pass a norm, esp. after a period of delay.

I'm awful at blogging, we know this already. So, let's just skip past all the obligatory apologies and just get to it. I love fall and everything that comes with it. Our weekends are packed full of outdoor activities and I can't get enough. This last weekend was full of fall splendor, including the Balloon Festival, the pumpkin patch and DosXX Most Interesting Show. Enjoy.
The Most Interesting Show has the best VIP lounge, Mac's catering included. Don't mind if I do.
I think Johnny V. has something for Caleb.
Little Xander enjoying some time on the pumpkins.
Xander holding his not-so-little brother at the local pumpkin farmer's market.
My boys, growing up too fast.
I knew X would love the hot air balloons and I was right, he was a big fan.
Me and my awesome husband.

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