Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jack-O-Lantern - n. (jak-uh-lan-tern), A hollowed pumpkin with openings cut to represent human eyes, nose, and mouth with a light inside.

Another fall post! I'll keep doing it until we've worn it out. We picked tonight for the night to carve the pumpkins from this last weekend. You learn pretty quick living in the South that you can't carve your pumpkins as early as you do in Minnesota, they get all wrinkly and go bad pretty quick when they don't freeze. It's also nice using little battery powered tea-lights instead of candles, less worry, no burning smell and they last much longer. I ended up carving three pumpkins, I'm not sure be fair Caleb helped me finish the last one while I put the boys to bed (AND he broke off part of the letter 'B' on 'BOO', but I won't hold it against him). It was a fun evening and I think Xander (and Caleb!) enjoyed himself, I know I did.
Me and Jones before bedtime, he's such a cutie, it's hard not to constantly kiss those cheeks!
Is that Caleb or Tim Richmond in that vintage Folgers racing t-shirt???
Xander drawing the face on his first pumpkin. He was super cute when I asked him what shape he'd like the eyes, 'Octagons!' Yikes, I had to figure that one out, never cut octagons before...
All set up at the kitchen table.
My little man with his finished product.
Octagon eyes glowing bright!
The finished products! The bottom two are Xander's creations, art directing of course, the other pumpkin had to have a mustache, ha, and my pumpkin in the middle with the ghost and Caleb's big one on the top step.
Keaton even stopped by to say hi and see the 'Pumpkin Heads', I think that's what he calls jack-o-lanterns. We are excited to have Keaton (and family) back in town. We missed them all too much while they were away.

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