Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween - noun. hal-uh-ween, -oh-een, The evening of October 31; the eve of All Saints' Day; Allhallows Eve: observed esp. by children in costumes.

Fun, fun, fun Halloween this year and a packed weekend to boot. NoDa hosted party after party for kids and adults alike, just another reason to love this neighborhood! Our little men were so freaking cute in their costumes it's hard to not dress them like that everyday, I mean, it's laughable how cute our kids are. JUST LOOK AT THEM! We had a fun time trick-or-treating for the first time in Xander's life. I explained the process to him in the morning, we knock on peoples' door, we say 'trick-or-treat' and they give us candy. I can only imagine what went through his head. Regardless, Xander was beyond the happy all day. Saturday started with the NoDa Club Family kids Halloween party in the park, then we all went to lunch and took our annual family photos at the brick wall on Davidson. At 4:00 we had another family Halloween party where we got to watch the NoDa 5k Halloween Run. AND Caleb and I ended our night with the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Like I said, very busy weekend;
I told you, way too cute.
My little dinosaur working on his balance. I'm writing this while he's sleeping and I'm tempted to just go wake him so I can kiss his cheeks!
Charlotte is SO beautiful this time of the year, the leaves on the maple trees turn the most beautiful colors.
Little Ryleigh was the most beautiful Belle!
Another great picture of the beautiful weather we had over Halloween weekend.
I'm surely the most blessed of women.
If anything in life is impossible it's getting three boys under the age of three to sit still for a photograph. Honestly, this is the best one.
Sisters, sisters. There were never such devoted sisters.
This was on Sunday, on our way to watch the NASCAR race, before nap time and before trick-or-treating. Little chunky Jones was a Christmas elf and I wanted to eat him up. X wasn't dressed yet but wore his skeleton sweatshirt, he dressed as a tiger that night, also, very cute.
The Rocky Horror Picture show. My first experience...and yikes.
I think it's becoming a theme to end my posts with a picture of a handsome man...that happens to be my husband.

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