Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stir Crazy - adj. stir-cra-zym Restless or frantic because of confinement, routine, etc.: I was stir-crazy after just two months of keeping house.

I don't know how we fit everything into our weekends. Usually when I'm compiling pictures for blog posts I'm overwhelmed by the things we do, it's tiring just looking at them. This weekend was actually pretty slow, since Charlotte got hit by a snow/ice storm and most people, including us, we stuck with where we could walk, which really doesn't change our weekend much, since we usually stay around the 'hood anyway. It was nice to get a snowfall this year, I was starting to think we wouldn't get one and I was getting bummed, but here we are, two days later and it's still out there. I'm sure it will be gone in the next couple days but we'll enjoy it while it's here, especially Xander who's a big fan. By the way, I'm still pregnant. Baby has no choice but to come out this week, no matter how hospitable my womb is.

Keaton's first birthday was today, Sunday the 31st, and we celebrated for something close to 9 hours, which was a lot for me and nugget who are now both exhausted and hoping to sleep for a long time. Lots of friends showed up and we had a lot of fun being too loud.

Still having a great time at Dolce Vita's sushi night, Thursday nights, you must come, amazing food and better friends. Xander is always surprising at what he's learning, on his own even, we got our food this week and he said, 'Sushi!', then immediately asked for chop-sticks and sauce.

Here is our weekend-in-review.
Deb and Anna, hanging out at Keaton's birthday.
They totally love each other.
This little stud muffin just keeps getting cuter and cuter. His personality is starting to shine through and he continues to make us laugh and smile.
Not to mention the child is totally beautiful! Can't wait to meet his younger brother...
Lunch at Boudreaux's...
He couldn't spend enough time with the snow, even with frozen little fingers he cried when we had to go in. Luckily we have Auntie Anna who has about as much energy as he does.
Our little winter wonderland.
No more pictures.
Our little cultured man.
Having fun at Keaton's birthday...I just realized I didn't post any pictures of him...We didn't get the camera to the party until later in the evening. Keaton had an amazing time eating his first cake, those pictures must be posted soon.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Heartbroken - adj. heart-bro-ken, Crushed with sorrow or grief.

Another busy weekend in the Clark household, even with a baby coming, but not busy enough to encourage the little nugget to want to come out, we'll have to keep trying. We went to dinner with a bunch of neighbors at a new place called 'Soul', and man, it was good food. We will definitely go back, but possibly try going during the week, that place is SO busy. Luckily we had a friend get us a table reserved, which they usually don't do, so we didn't have to wait. Otherwise it would have been at least two hours with a group of 11, like us. On Saturday we headed to Dolce Vita, of course, to listen to some karaoke, which was entertaining but we didn't stay long, it started later than we thought and we weren't really into staying out too late. Sunday was a very big day for us and just as big of a disappointment. We were really looking forward to seeing the Vikings head to the Superbowl this year, with no luck, it was such a good game though and the Vikes did do really well, just a tough game all around. And of course I uploaded all the pictures backwards so Sunday first to Friday night...
Hanging out during the game.
Misha and Adam during the football game, and we wondered where Keaton got his scowl...not any longer!
Keaton's famous scowl, he's very good at it.
Nummy, I love this dessert at Dolce. Chocolate and Raspberry, what more do you need?
Yes, I'm almost 10 month pregnant and I'm eating brie, you can't stop me...totally my favorite thing to eat at Dolce Vita, a must have.
He's so lovely!
Anna and her boyfriend Sake.
Misha and Adam at Soul, and that's Anna's 'claw' about to get Adam right in the nose.
Trouble makers.
This was some kind of fantastic. I'm pretty sure there is sushi buried under there.
Meat and cheese plate, isn't it pretty?
This isn't from the weekend but I thought I'd share my lovely.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pregnant - adj. preg-nant, Teeming or fertile; rich (often fol. by in): a mind pregnant in ideas.

Here are some of my favorites from this weekends photo shoot. 38 weeks and going strong, and by strong I mean we're ready to have this baby, we're both out of room and he's a little ninja. Laura Pegram ( did just a fantastic job on my pictures I can hardly express it. There are so many to choose from and I know Caleb will have fun editing them into something fantastic. Xander was a little firecracker so it was tricky to get good pictures out of him but Laura managed it perfectly. I love the pictures in the boys room, it shows the colors and the energy of the room that really should be shared, I just like sitting in the room while Xander plays around. NoDa has a couple great places for photography that I'm sure you'll recognize, we use the brick wall a lot because it's awesome and the broken down green shed is so great for aesthetics. Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures.
It was practically impossible to keep Xander from moving at warp speed, I'm so surprised she actually got a shot of him kissing the belly. He did what he was told and kissed it every time we asked, he just did it so fast we had to ask a bunch of times.
Caleb painted the suitcases on the wall. I had been collecting them and dragging them around the country with us for so long he finally figured out something useful to do with them. That's why were perfect together, I'm a pack-rat and he's a creative genius.
The henna was beautiful, we need to figure out how to make it darker in the future, it's still on my belly and I'm curious to see what it will look like when the little man comes out.
Outside of our lovely home. I realize our Christmas lights are still up, I should of had Caleb take them out on photoshop...or...I could have taken them down weeks ago, computer is just so much easier.
The only way to get him to sit still at this point in the shoot was to let him play cars on Mama's belly. We also had to bribe him with candy, a sucker to be exact, which is something I usually avoid because for being such a simple piece of candy that should be less messy, I mean, hold the stick and suck on the candy, Xander manages to make the biggest, stickiest mess humanly possible.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Overload - verb. o-ver-load, To load to excess; overburden: Don't overload the raft or it will sink.

What a weekend! Fully loaded and nonstop, and now, Sunday night, we're exhausted and ready for bed before 9. The pictures uploaded in reverse, again, you'd think I would figure it out but I'm too tired to make it right, so we'll just go in reverse as well. I didn't get any pictures of today but the Vikings stomped the Cowboys and we're all feeling pretty good about that, just excited about next weeks game against the Saints and hoping the Vikes show up.

Friday night was a night out for adults. We had a lovely babysitter volunteer to watch Keaton and Xander so we went to dinner and out for drinks afterwards at a local spot. Lots of fun and laughs that ended at our house, way too late, for some henna belly painting. That's right, we know how to party. We didn't finish the henna until around 1:30 am and since you have to let it sit I ended up sleeping belly up on the couch until 6:00 am when I washed it off. It didn't work as well as we like, not so dark, but I think it'll work for pictures.

Saturday morning started out early with a pregnancy photo shoot that I'm pretty excited about, I think it went well and of course you'll see the pictures as soon as I get them. After the photoshoot we headed to Misha and Adam's house for a co-ed baby shower, lots of friends and food and such a great time was had by ALL! Thank you to everyone who made it out. It was a great day and I'll always remember it. We hung out at Misha's playing Wii until around 5:00 pm when we decided it was best for Anna and I to sneak away to get the supplies for Misha's surprise birthday party, Adam threw it together last minute with our help. We also had way too much fun on Saturday night, which is a big reason we're all so tired. Misha was surprised when she and Adam got back from dinner. We played board games and Wii and I watched everyone drink. Caleb and I ended up sneaking out home around 12:30, and thank goodness, I think they all stayed up until around 4:00 am.

Lot's of pictures to enjoy.

A group gathers in the kitchen for Misha's birthday party. Chips and margaritas, that's how Anna and I throw a party.Xander watching his papa's reaction to dying during Mario brothers, our new obsession on Wii. X will sit in Caleb's arms for hours watching him play, which is a miracle.
I'm not sure what we're all laughing at, there were a lot of these moments, playing Catch Phrase.
Opening gifts at the baby shower.
There's me and Kelly at the baby shower.
Keaton is such a little stud-muffin, especially in his rockabilly skull shirt.
A picture of a picture. Laura had her work cut out for her at my photo shoot when trying to get X to move slowly and participate for more than 5 minutes. He's got the attention span of his father.
Late night henna party, not something that happens around here very often...
Misha and I laughing at ourselves during picture time.
You really need to look at this picture to really appreciate it. Check out the top right hand corner of my head, you might notice a familiar face lurking in the back through the window.
This was us working on getting this next picture...although I like that it looks like I'm letting Anna have it and Misha is agreeing with me.It took us way too long to actually get a picture where we weren't laughing at each other. We were really working on Keaton's scowl face, some day I'll have to get a picture of him doing it so you can really understand what it's like to be scowled at by Keas.
Deb and Anna, having drinks.
This is what we're dealing with on a daily basis. Send help.